Why Inlite Barcode Reader?

Your Barcodes

Get the highest barcode recognition rate from the most difficult images. Read Code 39, Code 128, Pdf417, QR, Datamatrix, and many others.  Get Driver's License data

Your Language

Develop in your preferred programming language.  Use code examples and sample projects in  C++, C#,  VB, Java, PHP, Python, NodeJS,  Ruby, Go

Your Application

Easily add barcode recognition to your Windows or Linux application or Web Service.    Deploy on a physical system or in the cloud system.    Run inside a container or as microsevice.

Inlite Barcode Reader Products

Which product shall I use?


ClearImage SDK

With a few lines of code, add barcode recognition to your application or Web Service. Choose .NET, DLL, COM, or Java APIs to match your development environment.

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Barcode Reader CLI

A command-line application that runs on Windows and Linux.  Use it from the shell script in your workflow process. Or call from your application or Web Service.

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